90 Second Portraits

Spend 90 seconds doing a drawing of yourself or another without looking at the paper or taking your pen off the paper. It may not be a realistic or very flattering portrait, but it might make you smile!


We believe creativity and art is great for both bringing people together, and most importantly, as a way to escape from the world and our thoughts. With our drawing tasks, we aim to provide creative activities that are accessible and that support and raise awareness of our community’s mental well-being. 

Our first task was the 90 Second Portraits: you don’t look at the page and you don’t take your pen off the page. It had the aim of providing a quick, easy and accessible creative activity that was also judgement free. No skill is required and the portraits aren’t meant to look photo-realistic. 

Altogether they look beautifully quirky!

We distributed the tasks as postcards to our community. On the back was advice we had collated from mental health charities, like Mind. So along the drawing task, this information and advice would support mental well-being in other ways. 

One response we had was from a couple who filmed themselves doing the task! It was amazing to see our activities being done and our small project having an impact on the world around us.